Couples Massage and Partner Massage Class

Couples Massage at Bonalba Spa can be Sports/Deep Tissue or Aromatherapy Massage. This is a synchronised Massage where two therapists work together. The treatment starts first of all with arms, then moves to; decollete, legs, back, neck and shoulders. You also have optional Reflexology and/or Indian Head Massage. The duration can be for 60 or 90 Minutes. The therapists use our signature sports oil, this is a unique blend of Aroma Oil which contains; Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary and black pepper. Perfect for aching muscles and therefore leaves couples completely relaxed. Pressure can be Deep, Medium or Relaxing.

Learn to massage

Private training at Bonalba Spa – Have more fun by learning massage in private with no stress, no time limits, no judgments, just easy enjoyable learning.

Secrets, tips and massage techniques used by professionals – There are definite reasons why some massages are better than others, you’ll learn why and how.

Giving your loved one a massage is a much needed and enjoyable way to relieve energy-robbing stress and tension, wipe out aches and pains, and help relax even the most stressed out person. Because ultimately, it’s stress and body tension that get in the way of deeper intimacy.

Just imagine some soft, soothing music in the background, glowing candles flickering, and a hint of an exotic aroma lingering through the air. Already setting the stage for a wonderful new experience…

And then just imagine the look on their face when your hands automatically move to places that are stressed and tense and they didn’t even know it. And better yet, allowing your hands to really soften and melt away their tension like never before. Get ready for a whole new level of relaxation and rewards in your relationship!

There is a HUGE difference between giving a massage and giving an amazing massage! And that’s what we’ll show you – How to give an amazing massage.

Our professional massage therapists to date, we have given and received thousands of massages. And we have learned from experience what makes for a great massage and what doesn’t.

Honestly, we have found that nothing is more profound in changing the way people feel like touch and massage, especially once you know the essential tips and massage techniques needed for a great massage…

You can learn new massage techniques and skills that can add a brand new level of spice and variety to your relationship.

In fact, massage at home can also help in other important ways.
With massage, you can:

Increase your ability to connect with your partner in a much deeper way
Build new trust and learn more about each other (touch is language all it’s own)
Explore more of the beauty of the human body
Make your partner feel good at anytime with a natural way to enhance pleasure
Expand and heighten your sensual connection with each other
Learn how to massage with our Basic strokes, Advanced Strokes and specific routines for the Arms, Hands, Abdomen, Back, Glute, Legs, Feet, Shoulders, Neck, Face & Scalp.

Easy step-by-step massage technique instruction – Detailed instruction from a professional therapists and instructors for each technique and body part. For example, we’ll show you a specific back massage routine that you can follow and learn in minutes that will leave them blissed out and ecstatic. We’ll show you how to take the basic techniques, and by combining them with different speeds and pressure, you can generate different effects.

Massage anatomy made easy – Although not required, knowing the basics of anatomy will help you give a better massage. And it’s a piece of cake with our quick and easy anatomy lessons. We will show you the specific muscles and the insertions and origins and action for each of the major muscle groups.

Hot Spots of the body – These are areas which are commonly ‘tight’ on most people, some are even hidden. But when you massage these hot spots, it will send people into orbit with pleasure. We’ll give you specific suggestions on how to work on these ‘hot spots’ and there are several located throughout the body that are a good idea to acknowledge.

Massage Safety Tips – Massage if done incorrectly can actually be painful and do more harm than good, we’ll show you where it’s safe to massage and where and when it isn’t. We stress in our course, safety first. Massage is about relaxation, not about pain or hurting other people. If you are getting a pain response from the person, then that’s actually counter-productive to helping them relax.

This will not give you a professional qualification. The guidelines and handouts must be followed with extreme care. We take no responsibility for any damage you may cause the best advice we can give you is not to use too much pressure and stay away from bones especially the spine. Please remember massage should never be painful.

Classes cost €100 to train 2 people for one hour

Which massage oils to use and when – Certain massage oils are better to use than others…find out why from us. Our Signature Oil is a blend of lavender, rosemary, peppermint & lemongrass this can be purchased for €12.


Couples Massage and Partner Massage Class
Duration: Price:
60 minutes €100.00
90 minutes €160.00

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